7 Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Skipping breakfast and fasting for at least +16h every single day sounds crazy right?

Breakfast is always promoted as the most important meal of the day. Well if you look at the science behind Intermittent Fasting / Skipping Breakfast you might be surprised. There are actually a lot of health benefits that come with fasting every single day. Here are my top reasons why I skip breakfast every single day:

#1 More Energy

Digesting food takes a lot energy especially if you eat bigger meals. Starting your day with a lot of calories will just make you even more tired instead of giving you energy. Instead start your day with black coffee or green tea for an extra boost of energy.

#2 Less Hunger

This might sound contradicting because not eating should make you even more hungry. Not necessarily. Eating carbohydrates in the morning will cause a spike insulin. Especially eating a lot of simple carbohydrates will cause a high spike in insulin. This might cause blood sugar levels to drop to quickly afterwords. As a result you will become hungry again. While fasting, your blood sugar levels will stay staple and after a couple of hours (usually +14h fasted) your body starts burning fat for energy.

#3 Increased Testosterone & HGH

Both Testosterone and Human Growth Human increase drastically during a fasting. Especially HGH levels can increase up to 3000-4000% in men.

This is very beneficial because Testosterone & HGH are the key hormones for losing fat and building muscle.

HGH is also responsible for DNA & cell repair. It literally repairs damaged parts of the DNA as well as malfunctioning cells. It is also called the anti aging miracle because it slows down the aging process.

#4 Improved Insulin Sensitivity

Fasting for an extended period of time also affects another hormone – Insulin. Insulin sensitivity increases during fasting, making your body more efficient in its release. This results in more staple blood sugar and energy levels. Once you break your fast your body is more likely to store carbohydrates as glycogen (energy) in your liver and muscles instead of converting it to fat. This is why insulin resistent people (diabetics) often have issues controlling their body weight. Their bodies simply have problems with converting food into energy instead they often store it as fat.

#5 Autophagy

Is the process called when your body breaks down dysfunctional parts of cells and starts recycling them. During this process the whole body starts repairing itself. It literally “eats” itself by breaking down cells and tissue. Fasting longer than 16h per day will increase autophagy even more. So you can even fast up to 23h daily to get the maximum benefits. In this case I can recommend you Dr. Nun Amen Rah, he is an expert on this level.

New research has shown that autophagy has the potential to increase overall health and life span.

#6 Better digestion

Eating too frequently will weaken your stomach acid and your overall digestion. During the fast your body rebuilds its digestive power making it more efficient once you start eating again. After fasting for +16h your body will absorb the nutrients in your food much better and use them way more efficiently. This is due to evolution. If food was scarce your body had to be way super efficient in order to survive. When food was abundant there was no need for the body to absorb all the nutrients. Fasting will increase the absorption of nutrients.

#7 More time

Skipping breakfast and sometimes even luch will give you so much more time and energy you can use for other things.

Think of it like 2-3 extra hours you get every single day. Intermittent fasting will literally increase your life time.



Since you are not allowed to consume any calories during your fast I’ll usually drink black coffee or matcha green tee:











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