Many of you have probably heard of the law of of attraction before. It is trending all over the Internet right now and you will the craziest stories about the LOA. Some people have cured cancer, others got rich and you are probably wondering if this is all true. After a short introduction I will tell how it really works.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The whole universe consists of different frequencies. Everything has its own unique frequency – there is no exception. This is not some metaphysical bullshit – it has been proven by quantum physics years a long time ago.

The Law of Attraction simply describes the relationship between these frequencies. All frequencies attract other frequencies. High frequencies attract high frequencies and low frequencies attract low frequencies.

Does it affect me?

Yes, even you don’t want it to. You have your own unique frequency that is constantly attracting things with same frequencies. You can control your frequency but you can’t switch it on or off. Just look at your life right now. Your surroundings is just a reflection of your own frequency because you attracted.

If you are a millionaire it is very likely that some of your friends or business partners are millionaires as well.

If you are at the lower income level your closest friends and family is probably as well.

Another example would be your health. If you are exercising regularly, take your of diet and live an overall healthy life then the people around you are probably very similar.

You might find some random exceptions in your life but over a longer period of time you will be affected by the law of attraction. Or have you ever seen someone who is completely broke although all his friends are wealthy? No, I don’t think so.

How to use the Law of Attraction

Being aware of the law of attraction is the first steps towards successfully using it. Now you have to work on your thoughts, actions and habits. Thoughts become actions and actions become habits. Your habits, the things you do on your daily basis, will affect your frequency the most. Having one or two positive thoughts might not change your life completely. But constantly having positive and constructive thoughts will affect your actions and your actions will become your habits over a long period of time.

Everything starts in your head.

Choose your thoughts wisely because in the end they will determine which life you are going to live.

Always remind yourself that whatever you are doing or thinking right now it will attract things, people & circumstances with the same frequency.

My Experience

Becoming aware of the law of attraction has definitely completely changed my life. I more conscious about my thoughts and action and take care of my daily habits. This has helped me in all areas of my life. Here is the book that taught me everything about the law of attraction:



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