How to NEVER Get Sick – MY #1 SECRET

Everyone asks me about my secrets for not getting sick and staying healthy all year around. Besides following an overall healthy lifestyle (proper diet, exercise, low stress levels…) there is actually one thing that really made a difference in my life.

It is a vitamin called Vitamin D3. I started supplementing it about four years ago when I first found out about it. Just after a couple of days I knew this would change my life completely. I instantly had more energy, my mood improved and I just felt amazing. This is in my opinion the best Vitamin D3 on the market right now:


I started doing more research on Vitamin D3 and found out that almost every function in my body depended on this vitamin. Also if you dig deeper into the scientific literature you will be surprised by how many studies have been done on it. The first studies that have been conducted on this certain vitamin already showed it’s miraculous benefits. That was literally almost 100 years ago in the early 1900s.

Is it really just a vitamin?

It is called a vitamin but acts  more like a hormone in the human body. It controls over 100 different genes and vital body function such as the production of seratonine and testosterone.

It plays a vital role in almost every function of our body including our immune system. A lack of Vitamin D will directly affect our mood, energy levels and immunity. This is why so many people get tired and sick during winter. They are just deficient in Vitamin D.

Most doctors won’t tell you about your deficiency and instead will prescribe you useless medication that puts even more stress on your body.

Why? I honestly don’t know.

So why do we get deficient?

Vitamin D gets produced by our own body when exposed to direct sunlight. This is the most efficient and safest way to get enough Vitamin D. In summer we don’t actually have to think about it as we are naturally exposed to a lot of sunlight. It is almost impossible to get Vitamin D deficient during summer.

In winter it is the complete opposite. Even if you are lucky and catch some sunny days you will get deficient. No matter what. The sun is simply not strong enough to trigger vitamin d production in our body.

So in order to get Vitamin D you need to be exposed to direct sunlight  for at least half an hour per day.

Another reason why we forget to take care of our deficiency is because it does not happen over night. Our body can store Vitamin D for several weeks up to a month or two. Our storages get depleted very slowly and we only notice our deficiency when it’s too late.

What about food?

Yes some foods like animal products or certain plants like mushrooms contain Vitamin D but the amount is not significant.

The only way to make sure you get enough Vitamin D during winter is either going to a tropical country and get direct sun exposure or to simply supplement it.

How to prevent and treat a deficiency?

Supplementation is way less expensive and very convenient. Just make sure you get the right form – VITAMIN D3. Additionally I suggest taking it together with VITAMIN K2 because they both work synergistically together.


Make sure to get enough sunlight during summer and start supplementing in september if you live in europe or noth america. For supplementation I recommend taking 5.000-10.000 IU of Vitamin D3 per day. Don’t worry about overdosing it because you would have to take at least +100.000 IU daily for months to experience overdose symptoms.




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