I hear it so many times. “I can’t eat healthy because I am on a budget”. A lot of younger people, especially college students, are often looking for excuses not to eat healthy. This is complete nonsense.

First all if being healthy should be #1 priority  need to rethink it. If you are not healthy you can’t do anything with your life. So make sure to always put health first when it comes to making longterm decisions regarding your lifestyle.

Secondly eating healthy can definitely be affordable. You don’t need to buy goji berries to be healthy. As a matter of fact the longest living people follow a very modest and simple diet.Here are the key things you need to consider in order to eat healthy as fuck on a budget.

#1 Buy Local Foods

Foods that grow in your area are not only way cheaper but also way healthier because they are fresh. Imported foods often get harvested unripe and lose a lot of their nutritional value during they transportation time.

In my home country for instance papayas and pineapples are very expensive. Although they are super healthy I hardly ever eat them.
Currently I am on vacation in the philipines which allows me to eat it on a daily basis since it is literally one of the cheapest foods you can get here. Same with bananas, mangos and other tropical fruits.

In Austria I mostly eat apples, pears and some berries because they are locally grown therefore fresher and cheaper.

So just go to your local farmers market and try out all the food that is from your area.

#2 Rice, Legumes & Potatoes

These three foods provide you with the most important nutrients you need and are really cheap. They can be found anywhere in the world and should definitely be a staple in your diet.

You can literally live of sweet potatoes for months alone. The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) ranked the sweet potato as the #1 most nutritious vegetable on this planet. Actually the OKINAWAS which are currently the longest living people on this planet get most of their calories from sweet potatoes.

Brown rice is a great source of complex carbohydrates.

Legumes such as kidney beans and lentils are very high in protein and (trace-) minerals such as zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and iron.

#3 Buy in bulk

This should be common sense. Always buy in bulk. Especially staple foods that can be stored for months (like rice) you should always be bought in bulk.

#4 Get a Greens Powder

Yes this might cost you little bit more money. But one box will last you for several weeks and the benefits really pay off.

Just one tablespoon will provide you with the most important and essential micro nutrients.

That’s all it takes – just one tablespoon. It is the least expensive “health insurance” you can get. Compared to all the organic vegetables and leafy greens you have to eat in order to get the same amount of nutrients it is definitely worth its money.

Having a diet rich in micro nutrient is very important because all your body functions depend on them. A lack of micro nutrients usually results in an increased appetite and food cravings. It is the body’s natural way of telling you that you are deficient!

#5 Avoid junk food

This should be common sense as well. Junk food is actually very expensive and the only thing you get is empty calories. This will make you even more hungry and increase your cravings for more junk food. This is a downwards spiral and should be avoided.

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