TOP 5 Tips for getting Perfect Skin!

As a matter of fact everybody wants clear skin. Why? Because it makes someone look a lot more attractive if he or she has beautiful skin. At the same time your skin is a reflection of how healthy you actually are. People who are stressed, smoke, drink and eat junk food inevitably develop bad skin.

So what is the secret towards getting a healthy skin? Well let me tell you my story.

I’ve always had normal skin until the age of 13. Then puberty hit me. Right in the face.

I started getting pimples and skin irritation all over my face and back. Everybody either told me it was completely normal during this age or to just get some medication.

When I graduated from high school my skin was still very bad. So I started looking for natural remedies and solutions. After many trials and errors I have found 5 things that really helped me clear my skin!

#1 Drink More Water

So first of all make sure to drink enough water. We are +70% water and this fact alone should indicate how important water is. If you don’t drink enough water your body will get dehydrated and can’t function properly. Especially for proper detoxification your body needs water.

#2 Eat More Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits & vegetables should be the foundation of your diet anyway. They are full of fibre which feeds the good bacteria in your gut and is essential for the overall health of your digestion. This is key because your skin is direct reflection of your digestive tract. If you have bad skin it means there is a problem with your digestion.

Furthermore they provide you with all the essential vitamins & minerals which are the building blocks for your skin. Antioxidants which fight oxidative stress and protect your (skin) cells from damage are also found in fruits & vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables also have a really high water content which help you with hydration.

#3 Consume Healthy Fats

Healthy plant based fats are essential for the production of hormones and many other things in your body. Make sure to get enough of them in their natural unprocessed form. I highly recommend incorporating whole coconuts, chia seeds, avocados, walnuts and hemp seeds into your diet!

There are two fatty acids that the body can’t make itself and are considered essential. The first one is alpha linolenic acids and the second one is linoleic acid. Both can be found in the foods mentioned above. My personal favourite is/are chia seeds.

#4 Avoid Processed Foods

Products that contain refined sugar, processed oils and articial substances (like falvours, colors etc…) are absolutely to be avoided. They are the biggest overall health killers and will definitely contribute to having bad skin.

Especially sugar and processed oils. Avoid them at all cost!

#5 Water fasting / Juice Fasting

Fasting of any kind will help the body with detoxification and give the digestive tract time to heal itself. If none of the tips above will help you with your skin problems it is time to fast. This means no solid food for at leat 3-4 days ideally up to a week. During this time you are only allowed to drink water, juices or smoothies. No solid food. You will be surprised by how fast your skin will clear up after just a couple of days of fasting. It is a miracle not only for your body but for your whole body!



RAW ORGANIC COCONUT OIL has antimicrobial and antiviral properties. It helps get rid of bad bacteria in your gut as well as on your skin. This has helped me quite a lot.

NUTRITIONAL YEAST is a great natural spice that helps fight acne effectively.

ZINC is essential for healthy skin. Make sure to eat foods that are naturally high in zinc. If you are already deficient supplementing zinc can be very beneficial.


  1. Thanks for that post, these truly are good pointers! I must try fasting finally, I know it is the best for my body but never really get to it. How often do you do it? Do you have some good tips before I start practicing it? 😃🤟💦💦💦

    • Clemens Kohlbacher

      Yeah sure I will come up with a new blog post about fasting soon! For starting I recommend working your way up by skipping breakfast and drinking a lot of water or even black coffee instead. You will be surprised how easy it is to get up to 16h 🙂

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